Flexiteek 2G is a recyclable phthalate-free synthetic boat decking.
The designs are custom-made for each boat, you can express your imagination. You have ideas, we have the solutions!
The FLEXITEEK 2G is assembled by thermo-welding, which guarantees strength and durability.

The first generation of Flexiteek is the leader of the market since 2000 and the new 2G since 2015.

The first Flexiteek decks are more than 20 years old and still in good condition, of course the long lasting depends on its use and maintenance.

The FLEXITEEK 2G can darken after several years of navigation, a cleaning with specific products and pressure washer can restore its original appearance, if necessary, it is possible to sand it by hand (with precautions) to get back the initial color such as wood.

Like teak, the FLEXITEEK 2G gets warm under the feet during summertime, but it is developed to minimize heat transfer and cools down faster than other synthetic boat decking.
FLEXITEEK's light colors such as Bleached with grey or white caulking are less warm than darker colors and black caulking.

The FLEXITEEK 2G is a good anti-slip even when its wet.

It has been used on regatta and passenger boats for years.

The FLEXITEEK 2G is lighter than teak of the same thickness.

It weighs 4.5 Kg / m²

In an aspect very close to Teak, the FLEXITEEK 2G is lighter.
It does not become grey like teak.
It does not require heavy maintenance of caulking like Teak because they are made of PVC thermo-welds, it is just necessary to check the condition of the peripheral joint made from polymers.
Its cleaning is less tedious if you do it regularly and use the specific products according to the Flexiteek manual.

The FLEXITEEK 2G is a second-generation innovation cooler and lighter than its competitors, with a closest look to real Teak and a wide choice of colors.

Without margin, the planks constituting your deck are in the axis of the boat and it ends with a peripheral joint of the color of your caulking.
With margin, the planks constituting your deck are surrounded by planks making a frame to make the drawing stand out.
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We use several types of primers and mono-component MS polymers or bi-component PU adhesives that adapt to all substrates.
Vacuum installation further improves the quality of the gluing process.

The FLEXITEEK 2G is 5mm thick, but it can be glued on different supports to adapt to the needs of your boat.
For example, it can be enhanced using Airex (used in the manufacturer of boats and planes), it is even possible to make welded bullnose on the periphery to give the appearance of solid wood parts.

FLEXITEEK 2G is a flexible PVC material, in some cases it may be necessary to mount hardware parts stressed by high tensions with reinforcement parts. Your distributors can offer you a wide choice of solutions according to your needs.

The FLEXITEEK 2G can adapt to many of your boat's furniture or bulkhead trim configurations.
You have ideas, we have solutions!

The FLEXITEEK must be maintained regularly according to the frequency of use of your boat with specific products to maintain its original color.
It is easy to regain its original appearance by using a pressure washer, caulking lines are resistant because they are made by thermo-welding, it is just necessary to take precautions on polymer-based peripheral joints.
Over time the FLEXITEEK 2G may darken, it may be necessary to sand it carefully by hand with a sandpaper to restore its new appearance and non-slip properties.
Flexiteek has developed and tested specific cleaning products that can be used with a brush, pad or pressure washer.
Refer to the maintenance instructions on the Flexiteek.fr website downloadable here.

If necessary, the FLEXITEEK 2G can be sanded with a 60 to 80 grain abrasive sanding wedge by hand in the direction of the fiber.
Do not use a sanding machine as this may damage the surface of your Flexiteek deck.
Your distributor will be able to advise you according to your needs.

Your distributor has different solutions depending on the damage to your FLEXITEEK deck, he can re-weld material or replace planks.
Your dealer will be able to advise you according to your needs.

A FLEXITEEK 2G deck is custom- made, prices will vary according to the surface of your boat, the complexity of the design and the different details.
Please contact your distributor for the most accurate quote.

The FLEXITEEK 2G adapts to all your needs, on a boat or at home, in an office, by a pool or in a camping vehicle.
Your distributor will be able to advise you according to your needs.