Description Flexiteek 2G


flexiteek has proved to last over time

With a wood-veined finish, the FLEXITEEK 2G perfectly imitates the look of natural teak.
FLEXITEEK have been manufacturing and installing synthetic teak decking since year 2000 and the material has proven its durability in harsh marine environments over time, best seen with many of our early installations still in place and kept in very good condition with a minimum of effort in accordance with our maintenance instructions.
The life expectancy of a FLEXITEEK decking is high and possibly higher than these days wooden teak – as the teak is now often sourced as “farmed” teak and applied in thin layers. We assemble the planks by thermo-welding and we are not using soft glue for caulk lines, which ensures a better sealing and a high durability over time.

The photo shows a synthetic teak deck covering installed on a boat for a classic look.

In 2014 Flexiteek 2G (2’nd Generation) was introduced to the market to solve the 3 main disadvantages of the 1st Generation of synthetic decking; Flexiteek 2G is Cooler, Lighter and Better Looking. Till date, Flexiteek is the only synthetic teak manufacturer who has brought a 2G version to the market.
The FLEXITEEK is glued by our FLEXITEEK MEDITERRANEE team with the vacuum technique (like the infusion used by boat builders) this technique guarantees a better distribution of the glue without dents or bubbles and a better longevity of the bonding.

The photo shows a synthetic teak deck covering installed on a boat.

a high-performance material

FLEXITEEK decking has excellent non-slip properties in all weather conditions.
The backside (glued face) of the FLEXITEEK has a specific patented shape to increase glue adhesion and our virtually free choice of planks lengths allow for a tailor-made fit to all boat shapes and lengths.
FLEXITEEK 2G (2’nd Generation) was introduced in 2015 and has proven its UV resistance under normal conditions of use and the use of cleaning products in accordance with Flexiteek's recommendations.

The FLEXITEEK 2G is light and most often weighs less than the alternative wooden teak deck – a fact that is not negligible on a high-performance sailboat, a multihull, or a motorboat.
FLEXITEEK 2G due to its reflective and improved heat transfer qualities, cools faster than other brands of synthetic decks.
FLEXITEEK is distributed worldwide and many professionals have chosen to offer FLEXITEEK as their standard decking on their new and used boats.

reduced maintenance and easy cleaning

The FLEXITEEK does not require maintenance of the caulk lines as the lines are thermo-welded in the decking, this in contrast to wooden teak decking, where the caulk lines in soft glue must be restored frequently.
To maintain its original appearance, the FLEXITEEK requires regular cleaning with soapy water (products recommended by Flexiteek) and a deck brush.
Most stains do not penetrate the FLEXITEEK and can be removed with specific products.
FLEXITEEK can even be lightly sanded by hand if needed.
It is possible to use a pressure washer to give a deep clean and make the FLEXITEEK look like new.

The photo shows an imitation teak deck covering installed on a boat.

The photo shows a synthetic teak deck covering installed on a motor boat.

several choices of colors are available to you

FLEXITEEK 2G is available in 11 different colours with black, white or grey caulking lines.
You can compose your deck from 30 different colors combinations to modernize your boat or keep a traditional design.
(Contact us for availability of your color of choice)



weight saving

The FLEXITEEK 2G weighs only 4.5Kg/m², lighter than other competing synthetic decks. You can improve the performance of your boat compared to a teak deck without penalizing your center of gravity.

custom design

We design all our custom FLEXITEEK decks from templates taken on your boat.

You can customize your boat with specific plank widths (contact us) with or without margin borders (frame slats), and with a modern or more traditional design.

We can also integrate a logo, or a drawing made with a digital cutter.

reducing environmental impact

FLEXITEEK minimizes the impact on the environment, as there is no need for cutting trees and by revitalizing its manufacturing waste into new PVC products and using REACH-compliant phthalate-free plasticisers.

The photo shows a synthetic teak deck covering installed on a sailboat for a classic look.